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Flash or USB Flash Drive is a data storage device with a NAND-type flash memory that has a USB interface that is integrated with each other. Almost everyone has, because many are needed. But by looking at human needs that a growing number will flash there are also people who are not responsible to have falsified flash disk,custom metal usb drives and certainly the quality of the counterfeit much different from the original flash custom metal usb drives nice. Let us not have to spend a budget continuously because we only briefly flash is damaged, then the following eight tips on selecting the best flash:
8 Tips for Choosing the Best grouch
Casing strength grouch

Sometimes we buy a flash because the casing is attractive, but note the strength of the casing. Should we choose the flash is not only considered an attractive color and shape, but most importantly custom metal usb drives pay attention to the strength of the casing. Casing should be really strong because in everyday use it repeatedly will be plugged and unplugged.
Casing size stick

In addition to pay attention to the power of the flash, the size of the casing also need our attention, not to the size of the casing so that the flash is too large will deter the USB port next to them so that the USBĀ custom metal usb drives port can not be used. Better to choose the flash that is slim to make it easier to carry and also plugged in the USB ports are located side by side.
cover stick

An important part contained in the casing that also must be considered is the cover flash. Choose a lid that attaches to the body section of the flash. With frequent opening and closing the flash will cause the lid is loose, so close the flash that is not connected with the body casing will be lost due to long use. (Tips) If the flash is missing lid exposed to water, wait until the new dry may be plugged.
brand grouch

The initial step in the search for information on a product is to define the brand. Currently it has many brands of flash flash dipasarkan.dalam looking for the best brand information visit the official website or read the reviews on the flash on the online forum. And choose the flash brand recommended by members custom metal usb drives of the forum, it is usually recommended products based on their respective experiences.
The price of flash and flash Storage Capacity

Price is something that is vital at this time, due to the economic level in every person is different. Many are tempted by the relatively cheap price, but he can get a large storage capacity. custom metal usb drives Actually it could be one of the weaknesses in buying flash. A low price with a large capacity does not guarantee the flash can last a long time.
Ability Saving and Reading Data

The ability of each flash in the speed of data transfer is different when viewed from the brand and size of the capacity. So before buying then know in advance the data transfer rate flashdisk. If you want information determines the data transfer speed of each brand of flash please visit www.usbflashspeed.com
Physical Condition grouch

Physical from the flash also need to take note, to avoid custom metal usb drives undesirable things like splash water, shock, and others. Look flashsdisk with quality materials and solid forms. This is to anticipate the impact or the flash accidentally fell. We recommend physical flash flash is best to wear an outer layer made of rubber, but still choose lean.
authenticity grouch

When buying a flash make sure the product is genuine, buy flash at the store you trust and do not ever be tempted by low prices.


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